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Crafted with quality materials and attention to detail to ensure long-lasting integrity our products are tailored to meet your unique requirements and personal style. We aim to enhance your outdoor living space while providing functional storage and gardening options. Created by skilled craftsmen dedicated to building our structures to last in the harsh mountain climate we all call home.

design the perfect outbuilding for your home


Your dream garden is just around the corner with a beautifully designed custom greenhouse

outbuildings & sheds

Attractive and functional storage solutions for your home, garden, office, or business

Chicken Coops

Our amish-built chicken coops can add an attractive and functional solution to your backyard chicken set up.


About Our Sheds

At Growhuts, our range includes sheds in various designs. Our pre-built sheds are made by the Miller family in the Amish community of Baker, located near Salmon, Idaho. These sheds are designed to withstand heavy snow loads and severe mountain conditions. Built on pressure-treated skids, they can be conveniently relocated on your property, serving as an ideal garden or equipment shed, personal retreat, or workspace.

About Our Greenhouses

Growhuts are specially crafted to provide families with a sturdy and practical greenhouse that extends the growing season in high-altitude areas. This helps yield more vegetables and fruits within a limited growing timeframe. In addition to being a robust option compared to typical "kit" greenhouses, they are built to withstand challenging mountain climates. Each ready-made greenhouse is available in two roofline options: Barn Style (featuring a gambrel roof) or Cabin Style (showcasing a gabled roof). They are equipped with finishing touches to cater to your requirements while maintaining a high aesthetic standard.

About Our Chicken Coops

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