Growhuts are designed to offer families a durable, functional greenhouse that lengthens the growing season at high altitude and produces more vegetables and fruit within our short growing window. They are also a hardy alternative to a “kit” greenhouse, one that can endure a harsh mountain environment. Each pre-built greenhouse is offered in two roofline choices, Barn Style (with a gambrel roof) or Cabin Style (with a gabled roof) and comes complete with finishing touches to ensure it meets your needs while maintaining a high level of aesthetics.

Built to Last

No place on earth provides harsher conditions than our Teton backyard. That’s why we use structural lumber and premium fasteners to ensure our frames won’t be compromised by high winds or heavy snow load. Our substantial and beautiful outbuildings add value to your real estate.


Durable, lightweight, energy-efficient, and virtually unbreakable, our polycarbonate panel siding is made in America. The twin-walled panels come in an 8- or 10-millimeter thickness and the U.V. coating is covered with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Stain and Metal

We offer two standard stain and metal colors and can adjust the pairing to achieve your desired look. Our dark metal trim is often paired with the dark color stain and our chrome metal trim works best with a natural or light gray stain.


A large, automated roof vent provides a way for heat to escape during the hot summer months. Each greenhouse also comes equipped with a Dutch-door and an elevated window for end-to-end air circulation. Additional roof vents can be added and are useful in our larger models.

Doors and Windows

Handcrafted doors and windows add function, curb appeal, and value. The Dutch-Door is split into two sections so that the upper half can be left open, while the bottom half remains closed, keeping unwanted critters out. The paned, swing-style window adds the additional function of creating cross-ventilation for the structure.

Hanging Rods

Overhead hanging rods are included and run the length of the structure. They are useful for hanging plants and flowers, and for organizing tools.

Shelving & Planter Boxes

Built-in potting shelves can be added at a depth of 12- or 24-inches. Planting boxes can also be built-in and installed at any height. Both the shelves and the boxes are offered in fir or cedar and any combination of bed and bench is available by consultation.

Custom Greenhouses

If you’re looking for a multiple-use building, we’re here to help you design it! Our finishing touches and custom options ensure that our Growhuts meet the needs and desires of each client. We can customize your greenhouse to tie in architectural elements of your home or outbuildings and create a unique structure. This is done by using Core-Ten® rusted or powder-coated steel, reclaimed barnwood, and other materials. | 208.787.2239