Chicken Coops

Backyard chicken farming has quickly become a favorite hobby of many mountain families, and the reward of fresh eggs is the icing on the cake. Couple our chicken coops with a greenhouse and you can supplement your food supply to feed your family for at least three quarters of the year.

Hen Capacity

Our Amish-Built chicken coops can house three to six hens and are very attractive and functional. Similar to our sheds, each coop is constructed of rough-sawn fir with a metal roof and can be easily equipped with a run for outside forage time.

Functional Features

Each coop comes equipped with a variety of features including functional windows with built-in screens for ventilation, a small hatch door and mountable ramp, roosting poles, nesting boxes, and an access door specifically designed for egg collection.

Cleaning and Durability

The full-size latching door makes it easy for a person to enter the coop for cleaning. Like all of our products, our chicken coops will stand up to the mountain elements and keep your chickens warm throughout the winter.

Custom Coops

For clients who want to raise more than six chickens, our sheds can be customized with roosting poles, nesting boxes, and access doors to meet your needs. | 208.787.2239