Perfecting Your She-Shed

For years, men took centerstage with their tricked-out “man spaces,” complete with oversized televisions, pool tables, and a comfy napping couch. They vacated the scene for some away-time from their family and spouses. Frankly—what went on in the man cave stayed in the man cave. That was until the popularity of the she shed came into play. Soon, the guys were navigating the chores of domestic life, while the ladies retreated to their own Shangri-La.

Women use she sheds for a whole host of activities. Some sheds serve as a gardener’s haven for tool storage, seed organization, and plant overwintering. Other she sheds are more like home offices where professional ladies retreat to get work done. From yoga and meditation studios to artist enclaves, the she shed can serve any purpose you want. But one thing’s for sure—she sheds are often void of a flat-screen tv, as women prefer tuning out rather than in.

If a she shed is on your honey-do list, look no further. Almost all of our sheds can be customized to match your needs. Add screened windows and insulation to one of our gabled-roofed sheds for a little piece of heaven in your backyard. You can even wire our sheds with electricity and plug in a computer, printer, or music-maker of your choice. Convert one of our large 12- by 24-foot barns into a yoga studio and outfit it with a wood-burning stove for hot yoga, if that’s your thing. We will walk you through whatever customizations are needed, so when the shed arrives in your backyard, it will be ready for its finishing touches.

Below are some techniques for creating a backyard reprieve you’ll never want to leave:

  • Customize the inside. Paint the interior of your shed to suit your personality, or leave it alone if you prefer natural wood hues. Light colors liven up the mood on a gloomy day and also give the illusion of a bigger space. Add your favorite table or desk, chair, and artwork to make your shed reflect your unique spirit. Decorate with images and trinkets that are uplifting and make you smile, creating a welcoming space for just you.
  • Make your she shed an extension of your garden. Open up the doors in the summertime and let in the light to nourish your shed’s seasonal plants. Mark the entryway with potted creations or add window boxes to the front of your cottage. Create a pathway through your yard, garden, or into the woods that leads right to your shed. Use pavers or stone to create a walkway, and then line it with inexpensive solar lamps to showcase the space at night.
  • Create comfort. If your shed as a retreat, rather than an office, choose furniture and props that allow you to settle in. A cozy bean-bag chair or couch, throw pillows, and dim mood lighting creates a perfect reading nook. For a meditation or yoga space, bring in your favorite mat, bolsters, blocks, and a yoga strap so that all your props are easily accessible. Lightweight blankets and throw pillows add style and bring the comforts of home into your space.
  • Go vintage. Right off the trailer our sheds look pretty new, but you can easily transform them to match your shabby-chic style with the right accessories. Grab an end table at a flea market and place it outside the front door as a place to set a welcome journal or tarot cards. Throw down an antique rug, one that you don’t mind getting dirty, should the outside come in.  Decorate the back wall with a vintage paned mirror for a spacious feel. Then, complete the look by adding antique chairs, lamps, vintage tools, or hangings on both the inside and outside of your shed.

Your backyard getaway can take on any form you choose, as you gain inspiration from books, Pinterest, or your best friend’s cottage creation. Once you have a vision, let it roll. Now’s your time, ladies! Don’t let your she shed take a back seat to any man cave.

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